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好评如潮,steam《武士 零》
好评如潮,steam《武士 零》
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2018-9-11 07:03:28 帅哥一般帅 楼主 01783

 2016年,Oculus公布了一款高端VR一体机——代号Santa Cruz。然而在两年的时间内,我们并没有得知过多的信息。2018年5月,Oculus的另外一款一体机产品Oculus Go发售。低廉的售价,发挥平稳的硬件素质让许多人开始重新期待Santa Cruz。


  在近日,有消息称Oculus有计划将在2019年Q1季度发售Santa Cruz。在兴奋之余,我们对目前已知的Santa Cruz的信息进行了汇总。希望这篇文章能够让您在发售之前彻底了解这款黑科技产品。

  人们一直都对Oculus正在研发的Santa Cruz一体机保持着浓厚的兴趣。但自2016年公布以来,我们对于Santa Cruz能够了解的信息却少之又少。


  下面就是我们所了解的Santa Cruz:

  People are extremely excited about the Santa Cruz prototype that Oculus is working on。 We have been hearing about Santa Cruz since 2016, and we still don‘t know much about it。

  But the years have passed and the information has accumulated。 Keep in mind though, that some of the information is speculated and it may be different in the end。

  So, here is what we know about Santa Cruz:

  这是一款自供电的Rift-like VR头盔。

  It‘s a self-powered Rift-like VR headset。

  这意味着它在规格上要比Oculus Go强大的多。Oculus在画饼的时候一直宣称Santa Cruz是一款高端VR设备,如果性能还没有Oculus Go强就一定无法自圆其说。当然,它的性能可能不会高于Oculus Rift。

  What is basically means is that it‘s more powerful than Oculus Go in terms of specs, but presumably isn’t surpassing Oculus Rift。 It goes against what we thought before when Oculus was shadow-marketing it as high-end VR device。

  由于处于中立立场,很多人误以为它将比Oculus Rift更强大。然而作为一台移动VR一体机,它的性能不可能高于你的电脑。除非,他们用了什么黑科技。

  By being in the middle ground, it upset quite a few people who thought it would be more powerful than the Rift。 However, due to it being wireless, it‘s hardly unlikely that it’s more powerful than your personal computer, unless, of course, they got their hands on some alien technology。

  据传闻,这款手机将搭载高通骁龙(Snapdragon) 845或835处理器,与最新款三星手机相同。

  According to rumors, it will feature either a Snapdragon 845 or 835 processor, the same one that the latest Samsung phones have。


  It will have 6-dof tracking。


  意思是它在移动的过程中将有6个自由度。这是最让等待Santa Cruz的人兴奋的事情之一(不是Ted)。

  What it means is that it has 6 degrees of freedom in movement。 That is one of the main things that excites people waiting for Cruz (not the Ted one)。

  人们很喜欢Oculus Go,但它只有3-dof(也就是说你只能旋转你的头)。多亏了由内而外的摄像头,Santa Cruz在虚拟空间里拥有来回移动的能力,这会让体验变得更加舒适。

  People truly like Oculus Go, but the fact that it is 3-dof (meaning you can only rotate your head), Cruz‘s ability to move in virtual space back and forth thanks to inside-out cameras really puts a cherry on top。


  A huge cherry in this case。


  People have been waiting for a wireless solution for a long time, and this VR headset release might be exactly what they are looking for。

  但是,这就出现了一个问题,Santa Cruz会不会很贵?

  But, it does create another question。 How much more expensive will it be?


  Price range is expected to be at $300-500 range。

  由于Santa Cruz的定位是在Oculus Go与 Oculus Rift中间,所以许多人猜测它的售价为300刀。因为Oculus Go售价199美元,Rift售价则是399美元。中间价显然是299美元。

  300 dollars is speculated by many due to Santa Cruz being sandwiched by Go and Rift。 Oculus Go costs $199 and Rift $399.The middle number is obviously $299。


  However, personally I think the price will be higher, and mostly it‘s because of additional equipment like controllers and abilities like 6 degrees of freedom of movement。

  如果我要猜的话,我会说Santa Cruz的价格与Rift相同。如果再高一点的话,可能就会出现几年前Oculus Rift发售时的惨剧。相信,Oculus自己也不想这样。因为降低售价,Oculus Rift的销量慢慢有了起色,我认为这对于他们来说一个很好的学习经验。

  If I were to guess, I‘d say the price lands at the same ballpark where Rift is currently。 Any higher and we will have the same fiasco we had a few years ago with Rift release。 I don’t think Oculus wants that again。 Seeing the success of Rift at lower prices, I figure they used it as a learning experience。

  Santa Cruz拥有72Hz刷新率。

  Santa Cruz features 72Hz refresh rate。


  关于Santa Cruz的刷新率,72Hz是一种可选的参数,这一点从官方那边得到了证实。(就像Oculus Go一样,同时拥有60Hz/72Hz两种刷新率)。当然,这也意味着VR一体机Santa Cruz不会像Oculus Rift一样拥有90Hz的刷新率。

  It may be optional, but one thing we know for sure is that they officially announced it as an option for Cruz headset。 Which means it probably won‘t be as high as Oculus Rift’s 90Hz refresh rate。

  但也许这样也是有好处的,否则开发者需要花费大量的时间来达成(Oculus Rift 90Hz)那样的帧率。

  It‘s a shame but probably for the better, or developers would have a really hard time hitting that needed frame rate。

  Santa Cruz通过牺牲一些VR体验度,来换取更好的视觉体验。这也说明,它不会像Oculus Rift那样完美。

  By sacrificing a smoother VR experience, we at least get better visual effects through Santa Cruz。 That, in its own, confirms that it won‘t be more powerful than Rift。


  FOV will be at 100 or 110。



  That FOV is completely regular for VR headset, so nothing new here。 110 degrees of field of view is an optimal for VR but not where we would like to end up。 The problem is, getting a higher field of view is basically very hard due to hardware limitations requiring a special screen that is currently out of our reach。


  On top of that, the power it will require is drastically increased, so even 1080ti, the current king of GPU‘s until RTX comes out, isn’t good enough。

  所以Santa Cruz的FOV并不大。在有线VR头显(PC VR)没有得到提升之前,自然也轮不到移动端的VR头显。

  So in a way, it‘s good that it isn’t higher。 If wired headsets aren‘t there yet, then portable ones are definitely out of their league in this case。


  But who knows, a mighty surprise might comes out of all of this…

  Oculus Connect 5将会揭晓答案

  We know that we’ll know more on September 26th。


  在Oculus Connect 5将于本月底,9月26日至27日在加州圣何塞的McEnery会议中心举行。

  That‘s when the Oculus Connect 5 conference begins。

  此次会上有一个叫做“将你的APP移植到Santa Cruz”讨论会,可以确信我们将得到很多的消息。另外,每一年的大会,Oculus都会公布许多丰富的内容和新的消息。

  One of the talks is titled “Porting Your App to Project Santa Cruz”, so we know for sure that we get a lot of information on it。 Almost every years was extremely packed with awesome content and new announcements。


  Time will tell what those are。

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